Audiology means “the branch of science that studies hearing” in medicine. Specialists in this field are studying problems regarding hearing.

The examinations done for the purposes of examining the hearing functions of the ear are the studies of Audiometry. Audiometry is described as a psychophysical initiative’ applied to measure hearing ability through monitoring of a person's response to auditory stimuli.

The procedures covered under this definition are performed by audiometers in Audiometry Laboratory and followed-up by doctors who are specialists in ear, nose and throat diseases.

Hearing loss is one of the most common diseases that can be encountered at birth. Hearing loss, which is difficult to understand through observation, is not detected early in the speech and language development together with the negative effects of mental development.

Audiometry tests are required to solve hearing problems. In a quiet cabin, audiometry device and tympanography device detect hearing loss. The type and degree of hearing loss is evaluated by experts and data are provided for diagnosis and treatment.

A hearing aid may be used to eliminate hearing loss. As a result, the external ear canal patterns are prepared and the type of hearing device is determined. In the context of these studies, the adjustment and repairs of hearing aids are made.