Quality Policies

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We are proud of our total commitment to
• Adopting and sharing the approach of total quality management.
• Increasing the quality of life by offering the best diagnosis and treatment services for our patients.
• Valuing patient safety and satisfaction as a priority.
• Ensuring patients’ and their families’ full participation in the diagnosis and treatment process.
• Adopting a team approach and keeping the corporate spirit alive.
• Developing a qualified workforce by increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees and ensuring that they become devoted health professionals.
• Contributing to the development of medical science by continuously improving the services rendered.
• Acting as a reference hospital that offers diagnosis and treatment services at international standards.

By defining service quality, patient care and patient safety as the Group’s top priority, Türkiye Hospital has gained TUV, ISO-9001 & SAS (Standards of Accreditation in Health) certification to be accredited and recognized worldwide as the “Gold Seal” in patient care and safety.

Affiliations and Partnerships

At Türkiye Hospital, we have the breadth of care, services, expertise and facilities to treat conditions across the range of medical specializations. This enables us to offer patients a comprehensive program of care, from diagnosis to treatment.


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