A check-up, called an assessment of the health status of healthy individuals, also means an early diagnosis of an existing disease. By taking care of yourself and your health, you can have detailed information about yourself.  

Thanks to advances in the medical world, many diseases can now be prevented at the beginning by using a variety of methods. In this way, heavy costs of treatment are not imposed. 

It is possible to prevent any disease while it is still in its initial stage by regular check-up.

With the Check-up process, it is possible to determine in advance which subjects the individuals are at risk for and their disease tendencies. Many diseases can be detected and prevented during this examination before they are active in the body. It is also important for people who do not have any health complaints to check-up with a general protection is provided.

Check-Up Programs;

  • Detailed Check-Ups
  • Pediatrics Check-Up
  • Men's Health Check-Ups
  • General Check-Up
  • Eye Health Check-Up
  • Pediatrics Check-Up
  • Cancer Screening Check-Up
  • VIP Female / Male Check-Up

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