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Specialist Nurses

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Türkiye Hospital’s consultants are leaders in their respective fields; many have been trained or received in-career training in respected institutions in the US and Europe.

They must all meet rigorous standards within the Turkish health system’s regulations and rules, as well as the Türkiye Hospital’s own stringent selection procedures.

We also have senior doctors on ite 24 hours a day to provide medical attention when required, or if your consultant is unavailable.

Highest-Caliber Healthcare Professionals

At Türkiye Hospital we pride ourselves on the unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise amongst our dedicated team of healthcare professionals.

We have specialists covering a  wide range of medical and surgical disciplines, which enables us to manage cases that include surgeons and physicians, specialist nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians – all working in close collaboration to provide the very best care pathway designed individually for each and every patient.

The high caliber of our medical staff is apparent from the expert consultants, academicians and specialists who practice at Türkiye Hospital, as well as the hundreds of experienced nursing, clinical and support personnel. They deliver an extensive range of treatments and procedures, as well as a host of specialist support services.

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