Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology is a medical field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of all heart diseases of childhood from newborn period to adult age.

Heart disease in children can be divided into two main groups as primary congenital and acquired ( later heart disease), both groups encounter problems called rhythm disorder.

Bruising, congenital heart disease, frequent breathing, troubled breathing, increase in heart rate, frequent respiratory tract infection, weight gain, lack of development, being unable to tolerate exercise, fatigue, chest pain, different signs and symptoms such as fainting may occur, but montly in congenital heart diseases there is no finding that imposes a significant disturbance on the child and the family.

A pediatric cardiologist may refer the patient to a pediatric cardiologist, who suspects heart disease, often with murmurs during routine examination and with some other findings (e.g., with suspected heart growth on a heart graph). Heart disease occurs later in life with similar symptoms.